Tidgypud (ikkleruby) wrote in purpletingler,

Well well well!!

The first entry.

I'm the moderator of this community & the reason I created it is because I LOVE vibrators & all other sex toys, but I think the people readin my LJ are gettin sick of me going on about them.

So, i figured it would be a good idea to create a community where I can harp on about the joys of sex toys without offending anyone & where I can get advice of whats good & whats not, & where i can discuss with like-minded people about any new toys comin out, where's best to buy etc etc...

And, of course - to find out about any up & coming events that could be of interest.

The name seems lame, I know, but its the name of my favourite vibe, my ikkle teeny purple tingler. It makes me squeal all nice, like, so i thought i'd give it credit by using its name :)

Hello all!!
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